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The mobile landscape in The Netherlands

iPhones dominate the scene in The Netherlands, with the world's most popular smartphone - the iPhone 7 - enjoying a 3.03% lead over second-placed iPhone 6S. Here are some stats on the mobile landscape in The Netherlands.

James Kielty - 04 Feb 2019
3 min read

Most popular mobile OS in The Netherlands


Although 7 of the top 10 most popular smartphones are iPhones, Android enjoys 54.11% of the mobile operating system share in The Netherlands.

iOS is, obviously, in second spot with 45.43%. From there down, we see Windows Phone still alive with 0.34%, RIM on 0.04% and Symbian, Nokia OS and Tizen all below 0.01% market share.

The most popular smartphones in The Netherlands

iPhones dominate the scene in The Netherlands, with the world's most popular smartphone - the iPhone 7 - enjoying a 3.03% lead over second-placed iPhone 6S.

The Samsung Galaxy S series are the most common Android devices we see, and it's Apple/Samsung all the way down to 34th on the list, where the Huawei P10 Lite pops up with 0.61% traffic share.

The P20 Lite and P9 Lite claim 0.40% and 0.36% share respectively, but the two biggest names in smartphone maunfacturing (although Huawei are now the second largest) are way ahead in the Netherlands.

Country Position Phone model Share
Netherlands 1 iPhone 7 9.22%
Netherlands 2 iPhone 6S 6.19%
Netherlands 3 iPhone 8 5.30%
Netherlands 4 iPhone 6 5.27%
Netherlands 5 iPhone SE 5.27%
Netherlands 6 Samsung Galaxy S7 4.99%
Netherlands 7 Samsung Galaxy S8 4.57%
Netherlands 8 Samsung Galaxy A5 4.14%
Netherlands 9 iPhone X 3.62%
Netherlands 10 iPhone 7 Plus 2.55%
Netherlands 11 iPhone 5S 2.46%
Netherlands 12 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.35%

Below, we see how use of the popular iPhone (6, 7, 8 and X) and Samsung Galaxy (S6, S7, S8, S9) has changed over the course of 2018.

A slight decline in iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 usage was more than absorbed by healthy gains for the 8 and X.

A similar tale on Samsung's side, with losses in share for the older models - S6 and S7.

The S8 and S9 both gained a little over the year, the latter ending 2% up on its starting share.

Smartphone screen sizes in The Netherlands

  Screen resolution Share Average
1. 750x1334 26.78% 27.56%
2. 1080x1920 21.62% 26.22%
3. 1440x2560 14.56% 10.68%
4. 720x1280 11.79% 9.96%
5. 640x1136 9.41% 6.67%

Smartphone hardware in The Netherlands

Below are the most common RAM, GPU and CPU configurations we see in web traffic from The Netherlands. It's roughly in-line with central European averages, although 4GB devices are slightly more common than the EU average (15.11%).


  RAM Share Average
1. 2GB 40.15% 38.21%
2. 3GB 20.04% 24.12%
3. 4GB 17.35% 15.34%
4. 1GB 13.53% 13.48%
5. 1.5GB 4.51% 4.06%


  GPU Name Share Average
1 PowerVR GT7600 14.59% 16.73%
2 PowerVR GT7600 Plus 10.81% 12.18%
3 PowerVR GX6450 7.67% 9.05%
4 Adreno 530 7.10% 7.40%
5 Mali-G71 MP20 6.79% 1.51%


  CPU Name Share Average
1. Cortex-A53 19.28% 12.75%
2. Twister 13.36% 14.37%
3. Hurricane & Zephyr 12.82% 18.15%
4. Monsoon & Mistral 8.33% 14.01%
5. Typhoon 7.02% 7.77%

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