Mobile OS popularity by US State

As you're probably aware, the US Midterm Elections took place on Tuesday, November 6th, with the expected result coming to pass - Democrats taking the House and Republicans maintaining control of the Senate.

With so many red v blue maps on offer, we thought we'd look into State-level data to see which mobile operating system is dominant across the United States, and if there are any correlations between Republican v Democrat and iOS v Android use.

iOS is dominant across the US

We already knew this, having examined Android v iOS in the US. However, it's always interesting to break it down state-by-state.

(You can view the raw numbers here)

Below is the OS market share across the country during September 2018. Darker means more popular (click for a larger image).




Do Democrats like iPhones more than Republicans?

With not every State voting in this Senate election, and a total of 435 seats up for grabs in the House vote, it's hard to see any standout State trends when compared to mobile OS usage.

So, we had a look at the results for the 2016 Presidential election and plotted State results against our latest data.

What we saw was a slight nudge towards iOS in the 14 states where the Democratic nominee (Hillary Clinton) received over 50% of the vote. iPhones have, on average, 70.66% OS share in these states.

Trump won over 50% in 23 States during the 2016 election, and in those, iOS dominance is down slightly to 67.16%.

So what does this mean? Increased purchasing power amongst blue-leaning Americans? A suspicious view of Silicon Valley tech in Red circles? We've no idea, and it's not something our data can tell us either, certainly not when we compare it to 2016's political landscape.

Which models do Apple fans use??

We also looked at data beyond Android v iOS and discovered which iPhone models are most in use in individual states.

The below charts indicate which iPhones are popular as a percentage of overall Apple use. We've chosen four - California (66.23% iOS share), New York (72.6% iOS), Texas (68.77% iOS) and Arizona (62.12% iOS).

There are some interesting trends on show. Apple users in California prefer the iPhone 7 Plus over the slightly smaller 7, whereas the opposite is true in New York.




The data - mobile OS by State

State iOS Share Android Share
Alabama 71.27% 28.64%
Alaska 74.07% 25.82%
Arizona 62.12% 37.78%
Arkansas 68.25% 31.71%
California 66.23% 33.59%
Colorado 66.7% 33.23%
Connecticut 75.09% 24.81%
Delaware 72.56% 27.3%
District of Columbia 64.12% 35.49%
Florida 70.47% 29.4%
Georgia 70.08% 29.63%
Hawaii 71.42% 28.4%%
Idaho 61.79% 38.17%
Illinois 66.72% 33.12%
Indiana 67.8% 32.15%
Iowa 64.13% 35.85%
Kansas 68.28% 31.64%
Kentucky 67.67% 32.23%
Louisiana 75.73% 24.18%
Maine 72.03% 27.91%
Maryland 69.19% 30.75%
Massachusetts 74.56% 25.38%
Michigan 65.38% 34.5%
Minnesota 69.05% 30.84%
Mississippi 73.35% 26.56%
Missouri 64.99% 34.93%
Montana 64.92% 34.99%
Nebraska 63.97% 36.01%
Nevada 67.83% 32%
New Hampshire 71.56% 28.39%
New Jersey 73.16% 26.69%
New Mexico 65.63% 34.27%
New York 72.6% 27.2%
North Carolina 66.08% 33.84%
North Dakota 68.99% 30.89%
Ohio 67.1% 32.71%
Oklahoma 58.63% 41.31%
Oregon 63.99% 35.92%
Pennsylvania 67.86% 31.99%
Rhode Island 81.99% 17.89%
South Carolina 69.24% 30.7%
South Dakota 61.81% 38.09%
Tennessee 69.11% 30.8%
Texas 68.77% 31.06%
Utah 64.51% 35.37%
Vermont 72.9% 26.93%
Virginia 69.19% 30.59%
Washington 64.76% 35.05%
West Virginia 65.88% 33.91%
 Wisconsin 64.47% 35.41%
Wyoming 58.94% 40.74%


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