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Mobile web analytics whitepaper

Having a thorough understanding of your website traffic makes for smarter, data-driven business decisions. This includes knowing all details about visitors’ devices, given that users can access websites not only on laptops but also using a huge range of mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, or even projectors. In this new whitepaper, we explore the topic of mobile Web Analytics.

Why Web Analytics solutions need device awareness

Once upon a time website traffic used to be pretty uniform. Only laptops and desktop computers where capable of accessing online content. But this changed with the explosion of smartphones, tablets, and other categories of web-enabled devices. Today, web businesses need to be aware what devices customers are using to view their web content and what characteristics those devices have, if they are really serious about optimizing for all visitors. Today's Web Analytics solutions should report on:

  • Device type (mobile phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, smart TV, etc.)
  • Device make and model
  • Software (OS, browser name, HTML5 support)
  • Year released (when the device was made available)
  • Connectivity (3G, LTE, WiFi)
  • Diagonal screen size and pixel resolution
  • Other device capabilities (e.g. NFC)

However, mobile awareness is not that easy to get right due to the fact that some device identification methods can often result in incomplete or even erroneous information on the visiting device. Web Analytics platforms must use a sophisticated device detection method if they are to be truly accurate.

How to Understand your Mobile Traffic 

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