Future of the Mobile Web

Future of the Mobile Web Whitepaper

We're very happy to publish this paper arising from the The Future of the Mobile Web event held at the Dublin Convention Centre in January 2012. We covered a lot of ground and the paper is a serious attempt to capture all the topics covered from HTML5 to responsive design to device detection and many others. We found it to be a very worthwhile process to listen, validate our ideas and learn from others in the process of writing it. We hope it is useful to a wider readership also.

Future of the Mobile Web DeviceAtlas

Future of the Mobile Web

Last week we hosted an event loftily entitled "The Future of the Mobile Web" at the Dublin Convention Centre.

10 reasons why mobile analytics are mission critical to a sustainable mobile strategy

Analyzing web traffic at the device level is absolutely essential for all businesses willing to understand and properly address their audience. Like it or not, your potential customers will access your website using many types of web-enabled devices. It's an amazing opportunity to properly track and analyze these devices.

Server Side Detection

Server-side device detection used by 82% of Alexa top 100 sites

About 82% of the Alexa 100 top sites use some form of server-side device detection to serve content on their main website entry point. As you descend from the top 10 to the top 25 and top 100 sites the percentage of sites using server-side detection falls from 100% to 96% to 82%.


DeviceAtlas 3.2 released!

Last week we rolled out version 3.2 of DeviceAtlas! This is a very exciting release and introduces many new web focused properties that enable developers to fully harness the power of mobile devices.

Le Web

Le Web....c'est mobile

I attended the Le Web event in Paris last week. The speaker list featured such notables as Google's Eric Schmidt, Kevin Rose of Milk/Digg, Spotify's Daniel Ek, and a whole host of other notables including the venerable Karl Lagerfeld.


ad:tech New York

We were at adtech New York recently, and were encouraged at the level of interest in DeviceAtlas, especially in the Enterprise solution. Lots of people out there realizing that you can't take chances with your mobile strategy. Also lots of big name companies coming around to a more holistic view of mobile which includes mobile web.

Chet Fenster of MEC explains why brands need a mobile strategy

Chet Fenster of MEC Entertainment, one of the world's top media agency networks makes some salient points on mobile web, apps and the need to adapt to the device.

Smart AdServer on where mobile, device detection and ad serving intersect

Smart AdServer's Sandrine Cardi talks about where mobile, device detection and ad serving intersect.

dotMobi to provide DeviceAtlas mobile device detection solution for Smart AdServer

dotMobi to provide DeviceAtlas mobile device detection solution for Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer and dotMobi, maker of award-winning DeviceAtlas, announce collaboration at ad:tech New York
ad:tech New York 2011