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DeviceAtlas and IDC cooperate on provision of pricing data to real-time applications and services

Our partnership with IDC provides pricing information about connected devices as part of the results in the DeviceAtlas device identification response.

John A Leonard - 01 Feb 2024
2 min read

DeviceAtlas and IDC

DeviceAtlas has been providing deep intelligence on connected devices to customers around the globe since 2008, to businesses ranging from small digital agencies to Fortune 100 corporations. DeviceAtlas data is used in a wide range of use cases by different organisations: for example, retailers use it to optimize web pages for the visiting device, mobile operators use it to understand subscriber devices on their networks, and analytics platforms use it to enrich their reporting. The focus of DeviceAtlas metadata about connected devices is typically on the technical capabilities or characteristics of the device.

However, there are some real-time use cases where knowing the monetary value of the device is very powerful. Examples include ad targeting, or assessing premiums for device insurance, or making a bid to purchase or sell a device. In order to provide an industry-recognized indicator of device value, DeviceAtlas has partnered with IDC to enable provision of IDC pricing information as part of the results in the DeviceAtlas device identification response. The knowledge of the device value at the moment the end user connects with the service can inform decision-making in multiple ways.

The data points provided by IDC through the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker are the worldwide average selling price and the year and quarter for which the data applies.

Example use cases

Advertising: some advertisers like to target their advertising based on perceived disposable income. The IDC Mobile Phone Tracker data enables an advertiser to include a device price targeting factor, so for example an advertiser might design a campaign intended to reach users with smartphones with an average selling price in excess of $1k. The DSP (Demand Side Platform) can look up the device price in real time, so that if the device associated with a bid request matches the targeting criteria, a bid can be made to serve an ad.

Insurance: when device insurance is being offered in a B2C context, the consumer can identify the device to be insured by scanning a QR code on the insurer website with it. This identifies the device to the insurer, in addition providing the IDC pricing data, assisting the insurer to set an appropriate premium.

Online retailers: knowledge of the value of the visitor device gives a potential view on their disposal income, albeit with caveats; it is necessary to factor in the age of the device, which is also provided. This could inform decisions on product recommendations for example.

The IDC data forms an optional extra as part of DeviceAtlas services, enabling customers to build it into their product offerings, subject to the terms of use.

We are delighted to be partnering with IDC, who have a deep knowledge of the ecosystem and a long history in provision of data and insights to organisations worldwide. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.