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DeviceAtlas now supports Client Hints with our new UA-CH Model header service

DeviceAtlas uses all HTTP headers, now including Client Hints headers, to ensure maximum insights into device and browser capabilities in web traffic. This service is available to customers and prospects to try out on demand. Read our previous blog posts to learn more about the background to Client Hints and the history of User Agents

The Future of HTTP Header Parsing

We continue to evolve our service in line with Google’s plans to deprecate and freeze UA strings.  In subsequent updates, we will factor in further UA-CH headers, to return data as new properties and improve resolution of device identification. These planned features will require an updated API as well as the data file.
There are industry concerns regarding Google’s plans to deprecate the User-Agent header. Added to these concerns, Safari, a key source of traffic with high-value demographic characteristics, does not support Client Hints. DeviceAtlas supports both Client Hints and User Agent identification, providing a comprehensive solution to the changing UA-CH landscape. Sign up for a free trial today for an instant, secure solution that is trusted by market leaders worldwide.

How does the UA-CH Model header work?

The UA-CH Model header is used to identify a device if populated and will fall back to identify a UA string if the Client Hints headers are not populated. Our current solution does not require an API update, just a new data file.
Benefits of DeviceAtlas support of full HTTP Header analysis:
  • DeviceAtlas enables businesses to engage users on any connected device, extending the business reach both geographically and across market segments. We support Client Hints in addition to user-agent string using real-time analysis, which maximises coverage across browsers
  • DeviceAtlas support of the UA-CH model header provides continuity in a changing landscape. Our service is a safe/robust/forward-looking choice for businesses seeking deep intelligence on the connected devices accessing their services and offerings
  • Market leaders use DeviceAtlas to ensure that the consumer experience of their brand is consistent across all devices, from entry level to premium, to maximise engagement and loyalty. Now supporting UA-CH in addition to user-agent string parsing
To leverage the benefits from Client Hints, businesses will experience an increased development time while still requiring a solution for unsupported devices. A multi-indexed device intelligence solution, such as DeviceAtlas, can prove to be a more efficient and effective option. At this early stage in Client Hints development, the implementation and maintenance workload will need careful consideration as, understandably, significant changes can still occur. For a full evaluation, contact sales@deviceatlas.comor contact your account manager.

Start parsing User-Agent strings

DeviceAtlas is a high-speed solution for parsing User-Agent strings used by some of the largest companies in the online space to:

  • Optimize website content for mobile, tablet, and other devices
  • Boost website loading time and minimize page weight
  • Target ads and analyze web traffic

Get started with User-Agent parsing by testing a locally-installed version of DeviceAtlas at no cost.

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