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Devices from the frontier: the cable phone designed as a spy device

At DeviceAtlas part of our role is to map out the device landscape so that our customers don't have to.

In performing this role we come across our fair share of curious devices. We post some of the more interesting of these on our blog. Today's device is a phone in a cable.

USB phone

What you are seeing here is a fully functional GSM phone, complete with SIM card slot.

It can make and receive phone calls and SMS messages. It's designed as a spy device. Here it is in its entirety.

USB phone

Once you've inserted a micro SIM you lend it to someone as a micro USB cable. As soon as the device connected to a USB port, you can call the cable and listen in on conversations in the vicinity.

Alternatively, you can configure it to call you if the ambient sound level rises above a certain threshold. You know you are living in the future when you can have a phone call with a charging cable.

Whether this is utopian or dystopian is left for the reader to decide. 

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