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The latest DeviceAtlas report investigates Android gains in Sweden and the smartphone upgrade cycle

In the latest DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Report, we explore shifts in the mobile OS landscape and visualize the smartphone upgrade cycle. Download your copy for free!

James Kielty - 25 Feb 2019
2 min read

We have released our latest Mobile Web Report exploring trends and shifts in the global mobile landscape.

In this edition, we track changes in use of Android and iOS across 36 countries. We also plot use of Apple and Samsung's flagship devices to see when people upgrade to the newer models in each range. We've also included the latest hardware statistics, including screen resolution, GPU, CPU and RAM.

Mobile Web Report

Android is now the most popular mobile OS in Sweden

We spotted a significant shift in Sweden, where iOS was usurped as the most common smartphone OS during 2018.

In the report, we speculate on what might have driven the change. Was Apple underperforming, or were there external factors at play?

The upgrade cycle

Also in the latest report, we analyzed use of the iPhone (6, 7, 8, X) and Samsung Galaxy (S6, S7, S8, S9) across nine countries to see the upgrade cycle in action.

We saw a pattern emerging that suggested few smartphone users update annually, with a two-year timeframe the most common. Users seem more inclined to skip a release, and prefer upgrading from, for example, and iPhone 7 to and iPhone X.

Smartphone hardware

For content publishing, app creation and ad-targeting, a detailed understanding of the device landscape can give you an edge over competitors.

We included the most commonly seem screen resolution, GPU, CPU and RAM for 36 countries as seen in our 2018 data.

Download report

Methodology: Reports are based on real website visits generated only by mobile devices. The web traffic is sourced from a global network of websites using DeviceAtlas for content delivery and optimization purposes.

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