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The mobile landscape in Italy

Here are some statistics on the mobile landscape in Italy, including the most popular smartphones, Android v iOS and smartphone screen size and hardware specs.

James Kielty - 06 Feb 2019
3 min read

Most popular mobile OS in Italy

Android enjoyed around 63% of the overall mobile OS share in 2018, with iOS creeping above 35%.

There's also a relatively high number of active Windows Phone devices in Italy, 1.6% of all web traffic in the year. Out of the 36 countries we examined, only France, Nigeria and Ukraine have higher usage of Microsoft's soon-to-be dead OS.



After a tough few years for Apple in Europe's fifth most populous country, Italy has taken a slight turn towards iOS over the last year.

As we can see below, Android is down over 6% from 2017, with iOS gaining over 7%.

The most popular smartphones in Italy

The gains for iOS in Italy in 2018 is not down to one device increasing a huge amount. Rather, the most popular devices - the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 - saw slight increases.

The iPhone 7 ended the year 1.5% up on its starting share, while the 6 increased by 0.3%. The iPhone 8 also increased by around 1.5%, and the X by over 2%, which all fed into the overall shift towards iOS.

The most popular Android device, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos, also saw an increase (0.7%), but the rest of the Galaxy family remained static throughout the year.

Country Position Phone model Share
Italy 1 iPhone 7 7.38%
Italy 2 iPhone 6 5.47%
Italy 3 iPhone 6S 4.56%
Italy 4 iPhone X 3.48%
Italy 5 Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos 2.67%
Italy 6 iPhone 8 2.60%
Italy 7 iPhone SE 2.51%
Italy 8 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.36%
Italy 9 Samsung Galaxy J5 2.15%
Italy 10 iPhone 7 Plus 2.12%
Italy 11 Samsung Galaxy S8 2.11%
Italy 12 Huawei P9 Lite 2.01%

Smartphone screen sizes in Italy

Due to Android powering almost 2/3 of all mobile devices in Italy, and the iPhone 6 and 7 Plus models being quite popular, 1080x1920 is the most common screen resolution, with 720x1280 - another Android favourite - in second place.

750x1334 is exclusive to iPhones.

  Screen resolution Share Average
1. 1080x1920 24.64% 26.22%
2. 720x1280 21.81% 9.96%
3. 750x1334 20.77% 27.56%
4. 1440x2560 8.59% 10.68%
5. 640x1136 6.57% 6.67%

Smartphone hardware in Italy

The most common hardware specifications we see in Italy are similar to European averages, with 2GB RAM still most seen.

6GB devices - eg. the Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - are increasing slowly in usage, and seem destined to break into the top five over the first half of 2019.


  RAM Share Average
1. 2GB 38.87% 38.21%
2. 1GB 18.37% 13.48%
3. 3GB 18.08% 24.12%
4. 4GB 11.95% 15.34%
5. 1.5GB 6.66% 4.06%


  GPU Name Share Average
1 PowerVR GT7600 9.96% 16.73%
2 Mali-T830 MP2 8.90% 0.83%
3 PowerVR GT7600 Plus 7.53% 12.18%
4 PowerVR GX6450 7.50% 9.05%
5 Adreno 306 6.41% 2.63%


  CPU Name Share Average
1. Cortex-A53 27.89% 12.75%
2. Twister 9.38% 14.37%
3. Cortex-A7 9.32% 3.95%
4. Hurricane & Zephyr 8.97% 18.15%
5. Typhoon 7.07% 27.89%

For more mobile landscape and device data, visit the DeviceAtlas Data Explorer.

Main Image By Alvaro A. Novo via Flickr.

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