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Most popular smartphones for web browsing in Q1 2015

Most new smartphones are well covered by the mobile technology-focused media but only some of them are recognizable for the mass audience. Here are the Q1 2015 statistics on the most popular smartphones based on web browsing figures indicating the actual usage patterns.

DeviceAtlas powers thousands of partner websites built and run using the goMobi platform. This gives us insight into mobile device trends in many countries all over the globe. These trends differ from sales figures because they show which devices are actually used for web browsing. This is affected by many different factors, such as data plans, available connectivity, etc.

Here you can learn about the most popular smartphones in Q1 2015 in 10 different countries.

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2017's Most Popular Smartphones

iPhones lead the market

Different versions of the iPhone are the most popular devices for web browsing in nearly every corner of the planet. iPhone 5 (including the S and C versions) is currently the most popular model out of the three latest Apple phones.

iPhone 6, the least popular model to date, may soon overtake its older siblings given Apple's latest sales figures. The company said that it sold an incredible 74.5 million iPhones in Q1 2015.



Samsung Galaxy S family

Different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S aren’t as visible as iPhones in our web browsing statistics, but their share is nevertheless significant. All three versions are popular, although there are huge differences between the 10 countries we analyzed. The latest launches showcased at the MWC 2015, the S6 and S6 Edge, aren’t yet present in the statistics.


Note: In Japan, many Samsung devices are recognized as DoCoMo-branded.


Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 6 Plus

Large-screen smartphones have become ubiquitous which means that for many people a ‘smartphone’ is not just a phone but more of a web-browsing device. Here you can compare two hugely popular large-screen devices, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (5.7-inch) and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch).



Apple vs Samsung

Apple and Samsung are the two most popular smartphone vendors in all countries analyzed in this article. Below you can learn about these two brands' share in terms of web browsing statistics.




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