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deployment options

Device Detection

Device detection in your environment: deployment options

Device detection is an essential asset for every business that wants a solid understanding of all de...

Pawel Piejko - 19 Jul 2017
6 min read
Mobile Web Design

Image optimization using the DeviceAtlas NGINX module

In this guide we will show you how adding DeviceAtlas and few lines of configuration to NGINX can tr...

Iggy Bosch - 11 Apr 2017
13 min read
Device Detection

How DeviceAtlas can protect your site against bots

Non-human traffic is larger than most business owners are aware of. This is mainly due to the fact t...

dcarlier - 11 Jul 2016
6 min read
Device Detection

Mobile Detection for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

Targeting mobile devices has become increasingly important for user experience, regardless of the we...

dcarlier - 02 Jul 2014
3 min read