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User-Agent parsing

User-Agent Parsing

User-Agent parsing: how it works and how it can be used

This article answers many questions around User-Agent parsing - how it works, and what it can offer....

Martin Clancy - 17 May 2018
11 min read
User-Agent Parsing

User-Agent parsing made easy

User-Agent parsing allows you to identify devices accessing web content due to the fact that a User-...

Pawel Piejko - 03 Aug 2017
3 min read
Device Detection

How mobile device detection works

Wondering how mobile device detection actually works? Here’s a quick overview of what it is and how...

Pawel Piejko - 05 Jul 2016
4 min read
Device Detection

What is device detection?

Sound understanding of user devices is critical in today’s online world where so many devices allow ...

Pawel Piejko - 10 Mar 2016
4 min read