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Varnish web acceleration and DeviceAtlas

Martin Clancy - 15 Jun 2012
1 min read

We are delighted that our good friends at Varnish Software, the world's leading provider of open source web application acceleration software have partnered with us to embed DeviceAtlas’ device awareness capability into Varnish Cache. Thanks to Per Buer and Hildur Smáradóttir over at Varnish for all the help getting this up and running.

It just underlines that the device detection capability is acquiring an importance for pretty much any web centric business. We've seen the requirement for device awareness evolve from a purely content based need - where customers are looking to redirect and adapt content so that their users can enjoy to the optimum experience - to being pretty much a requirement for any  web centric company that uses the internet to deliver their service. For example ad servers, analytics companies, e commerce companies and content delivery solutions as well as top tier brands.

The partnership with Varnish means that they can now offer a high performance device detection module as part of their software to make the Varnish offer fully applicable to a post-desktop world. Covering new classes of devices such as tablets, game consoles, and eReaders as well as all the latest phones, its a natural add-on for customers looking for a web acceleration solution. Knowing what device is requesting content is critical to optimize user experience, especially on mobile and other non-desktop devices where bandwidth can often be an issue.

DeviceAtlas detects web enabled devices in real time through its robust high speed APIs within the Varnish Cache module, and returns detailed information on their capabilities so that companies can make informed decisions on what content to serve.  See the press release here.