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Ad targeting in a multi-screen world

The latest DeviceAtlas whitepaper looks at how device-diversity can be leveraged to help target advertising in a multi-screen world. With global mobile advertising spend projected to be $42 billion by 2017 (Gartner) and the RTB standard continuing to gain traction, device intelligence is clearly worth getting right for players in the advertising ecosystem.

Both ad exchanges and publishers need to have as much contextual information about a site visitor as possible in order to maximize the value of inventory. A key component of that is knowledge of the device. Capturing this data so that relevant ads are delivered in real-time requires device intelligence.

6 ways to target ads in a multi-device world

Devices can be targeted beyond traditional advertising techniques in a number of different ways:

  1. Device type
  2. Device make & model
  3. Device properties
  4. Device location
  5. Connection information
  6. Other device sensors

Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding (RTB) has emerged as a standard to enable an efficient marketplace for ad inventory and its features really shine in the mobile world where so much more contextual information can be added into the mix. IDC expect more than 40% of total mobile and online display advertising to be RTB-based in 2017.

For ad exchanges to be effective and competitive, they must have a reliable, efficient, and accurate solution to this part of the system, and that's where DeviceAtlas comes in. They are used at different points thoughout the RTB ecosystem to convert the UserAgents of visiting devices into rich device information to help the bidder assess the full value of the impression.

Key insights

Key insights from the report include:

  • Mobile advertising is growing at an astonishing rate
  • Devices can be targeted far beyond traditional advertising techniques
  • Device detection is key to providing relevant ads
  • Device fragmentation offers strong targeting and differentiation opportunities for ad exchanges
  • New categories of devices such as wearables bring more channels for adverstisers and offer further growth

Download the full whitepaper here.