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Latest articles by Tomwryan

Mobile Statistics

LTE and VoLTE phones usage statistics

LTE is the industry standard for mobile connectivity. But how prevalent are the devices that are cap...

tomwryan - 25 Aug 2016
3 min read
Device Detection

Device Data for eCommerce in Action

Device Detection can be used to boost your eCommerce success by providing tailored user experiences ...

tomwryan - 18 Aug 2016
2 min read
Device Landscape

Increase Business with Mobile Web Analytics

This post is about mobile web analytics, and how you can use them to improve your business. When you...

tomwryan - 30 Nov 2015
4 min read
Mobile Statistics

Why Android Lollipop Uptake Sucks

Android Lollipop adoption has been particularly slow over the past nine months. The DeviceAtlas team...

tomwryan - 11 Jun 2015
4 min read
Mobile Statistics

Screen Size Disparity Across Countries

Worldwide phablet sales are expected to hit 24.4% market share with 592.9 million units shipped in 2...

tomwryan - 22 Jan 2015
3 min read