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Device Data for eCommerce in Action


Device Detection can be used to boost your eCommerce success by providing tailored user experiences for visitors. Marketers can now easily identify which device a customer is using and offer product recommendations for a particular device on the fly.

What does this mean for your customers? They no longer have to scroll through endless products that are not relevant to them. If they do not know the exact make and model of device that they use, it can be called out on the site allowing them to make the correct purchase. eCommerce sites will gain happier customers, and higher conversion rates, while receiving less returned goods.

Implementation example

Hungarian eCommerce Website Tok-Shop specialises in accessories for mobile devices, specifically mobile phones and tablets. Visit their website from a desktop browser and you won’t see anything unusual. But browse with a mobile device, and you’ll notice that your device make and model are displayed in the coloured bar up top.

Tok-Shop are using DeviceAtlas data to display this information as a link to a page providing recommended items for a customers/visitors device. Just tap your device name up top, and you'll be brought to a shopping area tailored just for you and your device. 

Users can now browse selected and relevant items, without having to scan through pages of content.

Try it yourself

It’s possible to dummy a device and see this in action using your desktop browser (Chrome, Safari etc). Here’s how to do this with Google Chrome.

1. Right click anywhere on the page, and navigate to the Inspect button. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+Shift+I.

2. Click on the mobile device button circled in red below.

3. Then reload the page. You should now see a mobile version of the Tok-Shop website. Click the dropdown on top to choose different devices. When you reload the page again, Tok-Shop should recognize the new device you have chosen.


Device detection is not difficult to deploy on your eCommerce site, and this is but one use case for the technology. The database of devices is constantly updated, and is 99.99% accurate, making sure your customers will receive the correct content. Why not try it yourself?


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