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Calculate your company's potential ROI with device detection

With users’ online buying behavior becoming increasingly complex and non-linear there is ever more sensitivity to web performance. Use our brand new ROI tool which will help you calculate your company's revenue uplift from implementing server-side device detection.

Stephen Clarke - 14 Jun 2017
2 min read

Web page loading speed has become a crucial part of a website’s usability in today’s online environment. With users’ online buying behavior becoming increasingly complex and non-linear there is ever more sensitivity to web performance. Slow loading pages directly lead to poor user experiences, fewer visits and fewer conversions which in turn impacts a company’s bottom line.

That being said, this message hasn't been heeded in certain industries. In our latest Mobile Web Report for Q1 2017 for example, we found that many of the largest newspaper sites are losing readers due to slow load times on mobile. With device fragmentation on the rise, the key challenge for businesses is to ensure their websites load quickly on all devices which will go a long way to improving conversion rates and ROI.

ROI Calculator: Your Web Performance Payback

With this in mind, DeviceAtlas has launched an ROI tool that will calculate your company's potential uplift by improving your load times using server-side device detection. You can find out your potential return in just 2 steps. First, you need to select the monthly traffic your website gets. Then you need to select your average sales price on your website.


Our ROI tool then immediately outputs your potential revenue uplift based on an estimated conversion rate of 3%. To calculate this, the industry average load speed for mobile sites over 3G connections (19 seconds according to Google) is taken as the benchmark and the load time improvement (less than 3 seconds) is an estimated result of implementing mobile optimization based on DeviceAtlas server-side detection.

Your Next Steps

Put simply, your website’s speed and performance impacts your bottom line, which has not gone unnoticed by the biggest brands in the world. 82% of the Alexa 100 top sites use server-side detection to serve content on their main website entry point. Our new ROI calculator serves as a tool you can use to prove further to management that improving page load speed with server-side device detection delivers significant ROI. Try it now:

Device Detection ROI