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web performance

Mobile Web Design

Measuring page weight

Measuring the weight of a web page used to be a simple matter of waiting for the page to finish load...

Ronan Cremin - 08 Oct 2018
15 min read
Mobile Web Design

Understanding web page weight

Page weight is the gravity of the web - a relentless downwards drag, ever present and utterly unavoi...

Ronan Cremin - 04 Oct 2018
14 min read
Device Landscape

Calculate your company's potential ROI with device detection

With users’ online buying behavior becoming increasingly complex and non-linear there is ever more ...

Stephen Clarke - 14 Jun 2017
2 min read
Mobile Web Design

3 optimizations to boost mobile web performance

The fact that mobile users demand a fast web experience on any device is neither a secret nor a surp...

admin - 12 Jun 2017
5 min read
News & Events

Major news websites lose audience due to slow load times on mobile

The latest DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Intelligence report for Q1 2017 reveals that for the largest news ...

Martin Clancy - 22 May 2017
2 min read

Largest newspaper websites losing users due to slow load times on mobile

While you may think that the largest newspapers are stellar in terms of web performance on mobile, t...

Pawel Piejko - 18 May 2017
5 min read

How to use device detection to boost web performance?

Web performance has become a troubling aspect of the web especially given that today websites can be...

Pawel Piejko - 20 Apr 2016
2 min read