Most popular smartphone screen sizes 2017

Device shipment figures come and go, but actual usage data may be a whole lot more interesting. It represents real browsing behaviour by real live humans on specific devices, as opposed to aggregate reports on what's left the factory and entered into an often lengthy distribution channel with warehouses, retail outlets, returns and unsold stock. With the release of the latest DeviceAtlas Mobile Intelligence report, our data shows a variety of form factors account for the wide array of devices that are actually in use around the world.

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Larger screen sizes remain hugely popular with end users. Devices with diagonal screen sizes of 4.7 inch to 5.5 inch are most popular in 20 different markets.

The largest screen sizes are most popular in emerging markets. Countries with the largest share of 5.7-inch devices include Malaysia, Egypt, and Russia.


5.5-inch phones are the most used in India, Malaysia, and Nigeria with a significant share at 26-24%. For many users in these countries, smartphones may be the main way to access the Internet which makes a large screen a good choice.


While these larger form factors seem to be popular, 4-inch phones still enjoy shares of between 5% to 16% depending on the market. These devices are mostly iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, and the SE, given that other manufacturers have very few 4-inch phones on offer.


720x1280 most used worldwide, while Full HD growing fast

The most popular screen resolution remains 720x1280 which is used in many low-end and mid-range smartphones. It is closely followed by 750x1334 used in many iPhone models. Full HD found in many high-end and mid-range Android devices is most used in France and Germany.

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