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mobile web design

Device Landscape

Viewport, resolution, diagonal screen size and DPI for the most popular smartphones

Here is the resolution, screen size, DPI and Viewport for the most popular smartphones in use in 201...

James Kielty - 04 Oct 2019
7 min read
Mobile Web Design

Measuring page weight

Measuring the weight of a web page used to be a simple matter of waiting for the page to finish load...

Ronan Cremin - 08 Oct 2018
15 min read
Mobile Web Design

Understanding web page weight

Page weight is the gravity of the web - a relentless downwards drag, ever present and utterly unavoi...

Ronan Cremin - 04 Oct 2018
14 min read
Mobile Web Design

Reducing page weight

This article summarizes the most common techniques that will help you keep your web pages light and ...

Ruadhan O'Donoghue - 02 Oct 2018
18 min read
Device Detection

JavaScript server-side rendering with device detection

Server-side rendering (SSR) can solve some of the same challenges that frameworks face with mobile c...

Ruadhan O'Donoghue - 27 Sep 2018
6 min read