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New guide: How to optimize conversion rate on mobile devices

With the amount of digital media time spent using mobile devices reaching 68%, mobile is no longer optional but rather an essential aspect of every marketing strategy. A good example is Best Buy which recently drove one million store visits just by making product information more accessible to mobile users. Here's a new guide focusing on the best practices to make sure that mobile drives as many conversions as possible.

How to make purchasing on mobile a breeze

There are many studies showing that conversion rates and add-to-cart rates on mobile devices is lower than on desktop. At the same time we now use phones more often than desktop computers which clearly shows that users switch back to desktop to purchase online.

While some users switch between phones and laptops due to habits and security concerns, others get frustrated by the fact that crucial website elements, such as forms, navigation, filters, and search, aren’t optimized for comfortable viewing on the phone.

In the new DeviceAtlas guide you can learn how to fix these issues. We talk about the best practices to optimize the following:

  • Navigation
  • Category and product filters
  • The amount of content on various device types
  • Search
  • Optimizing for device capabilities
  • Calls to action
  • Forms

Get a good understanding of user devices

In order to make sure that the conversion rate is optimized for mobile users you need a way to detect all devices accessing your website including their detailed characteristics. Our new guide discusses various options for detecting visiting devices which you can use in your business.

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