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user agents

User-Agent Parsing

A Regex Approach to Analyzing User-Agents: Pros & Cons

Using regular expressions to analyze User-Agent headers is one of the most popular ways to understan...

Isabel Hughes - 15 Sep 2023
4 min read
Client Hints

IAB OpenRTB 2.6 and DeviceAtlas support

The most recent revision of the IAB OpenRTB release, 2.6, has been widely communicated. A key benefi...

John A Leonard - 03 Jul 2023
6 min read
User-Agent Parsing

The complete guide to User‑Agents

In our latest whitepaper, you'll find out all about User Agents. What are they, how can they be used...

Isabel Hughes - 02 Jun 2023
1 min read
Device Detection

User-Agent: Another Plan to Deprecate and Freeze

In the beginning there was NCSA Mosaic…and the user agent string already existed. Companies have bee...

James Farrelly - 20 Feb 2020
6 min read
User-Agent Parsing

List of most active web crawlers User-Agent strings in 2016

To help you understand web crawlers, bots and spiders visiting your site, here's a list of the top 2...

Pawel Piejko - 28 Apr 2016
4 min read