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Latest articles by James Farrelly

Device Detection

Network Optimization For The Generations Of Mobile Telephony

See how insights into 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G device capabilities on a mobile network can result in a comp...

James Farrelly - 29 Apr 2021
3 min read
Device Detection

eSIM – An AdTech Opportunity

Get key eSIM details, including answers to “What is eSIM”, what are the consumer benefits & how to e...

James Farrelly - 22 Mar 2021
4 min read
Device Detection

Accessing TAC In Android 10 – A High-Impact DeviceAtlas Contribution

Access TAC In Android 10 with this simple method. Get the background, benefits & learn how to easily...

James Farrelly - 12 Feb 2021
5 min read
News & Events

[Webinar] The strategic value of Device Intelligence in an evolving privacy landscape

The increasing restrictions on user-level data is leading to many challenges for businesses. As a re...

James Farrelly - 27 Jan 2021
2 min read
Device Detection

Solving the CTV User-Agent Problem

Get the formalized distinction between OTT and CTV, along with key trends, challenges, solutions & o...

James Farrelly - 15 Jan 2021
11 min read
Device Landscape

The most popular iPhone models in 2020

What iPhone is most popular worldwide? See the overall traffic market share for 18 different iPhones...

James Farrelly - 03 Dec 2020
17 min read
Device Detection

Network Optimization For IoT Devices

IoT is experiencing rapid development, which is leading to challenges for network operators. Learn h...

James Farrelly - 17 Nov 2020
5 min read
Device Detection

VoWiFi – A Win-Win But When Is The Right Time For Upgrades?

VoWiFi offers many benefits to operators and subscribers. But is there enough opportunity for you to...

James Farrelly - 25 Sep 2020
5 min read
Client Hints

Client Hints and A High-Value Use Case

Learn more about Client Hints including the aim, background, limitations and get a key high-value us...

James Farrelly - 15 Sep 2020
5 min read
Device Detection

Advertising Fraud Meaning, Prevention and Detection

Ad fraud costs advertisers billions of dollars every year. Get key details including common types of...

James Farrelly - 01 Sep 2020
4 min read
News & Events

3 New DeviceAtlas Properties: Video Playback Support

From QoS measurement to QoE optimization, get details about our 3 new properties and how they can he...

James Farrelly - 26 Aug 2020
2 min read
News & Events

New DeviceAtlas Property: GPS Hardware Support

We are happy to introduce a new DeviceAtlas property: GPS Hardware Support. Get details about this n...

James Farrelly - 14 Aug 2020
2 min read