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3 New DeviceAtlas Properties: Video Playback Support

From QoS measurement to QoE optimization, get details about our 3 new properties and how they can help service providers in the OTT ecosystem.

James Farrelly - 26 Aug 2020
2 min read

Video Playback Support - 3 New DeviceAtlas Properties

OTT consumption continues to increase rapidly, and so too does CTV device fragmentation.

Continuing in our efforts to help service providers in the OTT ecosystem cater to demand and overcome device fragmentation challenges, we are delighted to announce that we have introduced 3 new video playback support properties: “H.264 Support In OS”, “H.265 Support In OS” and “VP9 Support In OS”. These new properties provide granularity on the video capabilities of devices.

Further Support In The OTT Publisher-Consumer Chain

The OTT chain has a lot of players: it is rarely just a direct connection from publisher to consumer.

DeviceAtlas provides intelligence in real time on the device being used by the consumer to access content. It adds value at every step in the chain, firstly by enabling deep analysis of how the device capabilities affect engagement, and then by providing the real-time ability to support content optimization decisions to maximize engagement.

On the content delivery side, there is likely to be a CDN or specialized streaming platform in the mix. These platforms can use information available from DeviceAtlas, such as the codecs supported, to ensure appropriate format is provided. In addition, the device performance (CPU, GPU, RAM) as well as connectivity capabilities, determine what the maximum video quality should probably be.

On the monetization side, an ad stitching platform needs to know the device capabilities. In addition, the publisher’s SSP or exchange partner can correlate fill rate with device capabilities. DSPs and ad servers need to understand the device capabilities, for targeting and bidding, and selection of optimal ad format to serve respectively. DeviceAtlas enables real-time decisions to be made supported by accurate data on the end user context, in terms of their device capabilities.

CTV Device Intelligence For The OTT Ecosystem

The end user’s device is the gatekeeper of how your content performs; the more you know about the device, the better, no matter where your platform sits in the chain between publisher and consumer.

DeviceAtlas supports every step in the chain, from publishers (Netflix, CBS Interactive), through monetization (Xandr/AppNexus, SpotX, The Trade Desk) to analytics (Adobe, Conviva).

The introduction of the 3 new video playback support properties further strengthens the offering to the OTT ecosystem.

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