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Device Landscape

Set Top Box Out, Smart TV In?

The cord cutting trend during the mid 2010s resulted in a significant increase in set top box (STB) ...

Isabel Hughes - 19 Apr 2024
4 min read
Device Landscape

The Importance of Device Graphs in Streaming Services

Device fragmentation makes user behavior unpredictable. Globally, the average person has 3 connected...

Isabel Hughes - 15 Aug 2022
3 min read
Device Detection

Effectively deliver OTT advertising with DeviceAtlas

There are many different approaches to measuring the impact of OTT advertising including audience sp...

Regina De Burca - 02 Dec 2021
2 min read
Device Detection

Solving the CTV User-Agent Problem

Get the formalized distinction between OTT and CTV, along with key trends, challenges, solutions & o...

James Farrelly - 15 Jan 2021
11 min read
News & Events

3 New DeviceAtlas Properties: Video Playback Support

From QoS measurement to QoE optimization, get details about our 3 new properties and how they can he...

James Farrelly - 26 Aug 2020
2 min read
User-Agent Parsing

List of OTT User-Agents

Here are some OTT devices' User Agents - we've included many popular examples, such as Chromecast, A...

James Kielty - 25 May 2018
5 min read
Device Detection

No ‘below the fold’ in OTT advertising - if you know the device

With more than 70% of American households now watching internet-delivered content on their TV, OTT a...

Martin Clancy - 24 Apr 2018
3 min read