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device identification

Client Hints

User-Agent Client Hints - A Year in Review

Google's User-Agent Client Hints have now been rolled out for a year. We will take a look at the imp...

Ronan Cremin - 07 Feb 2024
7 min read
News & Events

Introducing the DeviceAtlas-powered QR code

Provide instant and reliable identification of end user smartphones online. Avoid the use of make/m...

John A Leonard - 16 Nov 2023
3 min read
User-Agent Parsing

A Regex Approach to Analyzing User-Agents: Pros & Cons

Using regular expressions to analyze User-Agent headers is one of the most popular ways to understan...

Isabel Hughes - 15 Sep 2023
4 min read
Device Detection

Device Hardware Classification: Reliable As Ever In 2023

In 2021, we launched our primary hardware classification property. Two years later, it's considered ...

Isabel Hughes - 01 Aug 2023
5 min read
Device Detection

Level Up! Device Identification and the ROI Opportunity for Gaming Companies

Fifty years following the release of the Magnavox Odyssey, the world’s first gaming console, the glo...

Isabel Hughes - 25 May 2022
7 min read
Device Detection

Network Optimization For The Generations Of Mobile Telephony

See how insights into 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G device capabilities on a mobile network can result in a comp...

James Farrelly - 29 Apr 2021
3 min read
News & Events

3 New DeviceAtlas Properties: Video Playback Support

From QoS measurement to QoE optimization, get details about our 3 new properties and how they can he...

James Farrelly - 26 Aug 2020
2 min read
News & Events

New DeviceAtlas Property: GPS Hardware Support

We are happy to introduce a new DeviceAtlas property: GPS Hardware Support. Get details about this n...

James Farrelly - 14 Aug 2020
2 min read
Device Detection

Digital Audio Advertising – Market Size, Trends, Limitations & Opportunity

Here we take a look at the digital audio advertising market, its size, key trends, and reasons why a...

James Farrelly - 15 Jul 2020
4 min read
Device Detection

Adaptive Loading – 2 Key Considerations

Get key Adaptive Loading details, considerations and find out how you can get stated today....

James Farrelly - 18 Jun 2020
6 min read