New DeviceAtlas Property: GPS Hardware Support

Get details about this new property and how it can be leveraged to optimize content.

GPS Hardware Support - New DeviceAtlas Property

We are happy to introduce a new DeviceAtlas property, GPS Hardware Support. This property confirms if a device includes an OS-accessible satellite positioning system receiver. DeviceAtlas customers can now leverage this information for many purposes, including content adaptation.

Content Adaptation & GPS Hardware Support

Content adaptation refers to the activity of delivering content based on device capabilities. Similar to Adaptive Loading, content adaptation uses device insights and other contextual information to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates on websites.

Knowing if a device has GPS capability enables businesses to adapt their content in a manner that will help achieve specific goals.

Example Use Case

A brick-and-mortar retail chain is seeking to convert more online searches into drop-in sales.

Using DeviceAtlas’ GPS Hardware Support property, the retailer can, in real-time, identify website visitors that are seeking pricing information from mobile devices that are GPS capable. This enables the retailer to deliver more compelling content to this audience, who are mobile and lower in the sales funnel.

The more compelling content delivered could include nearest store location, how long before it closes and stock/inventory levels. Additionally, a navigation option could be provided along with an enticing discount to encourage foot traffic, with the aim being to increase in-store visitors to boost the total number of items sold.

Content Optimization & Device Intelligence

The above use case is tailored to, and targets, a very specific audience. This segmentation ensures that other website visitors, e.g. those on laptops or desktops, will not see the adapted content or experience a performance impact.

The additional device insights, provided by DeviceAtlas, can ensure page content is optimized to load quickly and render well on visiting devices, based on information about the device capabilities such as screen resolution, connectivity supported, multimedia support and hardware performance.

DeviceAtlas provides all the information needed to make the right content adaptation decisions, learn more here.