The most popular Android smartphones - 2018

Here are the most popular Android smartphones from across the globe, based on Q2 2018 data from our network of partner sites.

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The most popular Android smartphones in the world

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Good news for Samsung in Argentina, where nine of the top ten most used Android devices are Samsung-made.

The Galaxy J2 Prime sits top of the list for Q2 2018 with 5.33% traffic share, an increase of 1.5% since Q1. The S8 hasn't been quite as lucky, with a tiny increase of just 0.02% over the same period.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Argentina 1 Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime 5.33%
Argentina 2 Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) 4.59%
Argentina 3 Samsung Galaxy J7 3.29%
Argentina 4 Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo 3.18%
Argentina 5 Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace 2.46%
Argentina 6 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2.14%
Argentina 7 Motorola Moto G 1.93%
Argentina 8 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 1.90%
Argentina 9 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 1.78%
Argentina 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 1.67%



The most popular Android smartphones in Australia are Samsung Galaxy devices, with no other Android manufacturer making the top ten here - although two Oppo devices lurk in 11th and 12th spot.

The Galaxy S7's lead over the S8, 0.99% in Q1, has been reduced to 0.47%, hinting at a switch in the coming months. Meanwhile, the S9 begins its rise up the charts, clocking a decent 1.43% traffic share in Q2.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Australia 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 6.79%
Australia 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 6.32%
Australia 3 Samsung Galaxy S5 3.78%
Australia 4 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 2.67%
Australia 5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.47%
Australia 6 Samsung Galaxy S6 1.76%
Australia 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 1.44%
Australia 8 Samsung Galaxy S9 1.43%
Australia 9 Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) 1.22%
Australia 10 Samsung Galaxy S9+ 1.21%



The Samsung Galaxy J5 remains Brazil's most popular Android smartphone, despite losing almost 1% traffic share since Q1.

The Motorola Moto G5 has overtaken the Moto G as the most used non-Samsung Android device.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Brazil 1 Samsung Galaxy J5 4.55%
Brazil 2 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2.78%
Brazil 3 Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime TV 2.60%
Brazil 4 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2.41%
Brazil 5 Motorola Moto G5 1.68%
Brazil 6 Samsung Galaxy J7 1.61%
Brazil 7 Motorola Moto G Play 1.41%
Brazil 8 Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) 1.39%
Brazil 9 Samsung Galaxy J7 Metal Duos 1.37%
Brazil 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1.26%



The Samsung Galaxy S8 saw some gains in Canada, growing slightly to 3.63% in Q2. Meanwhile, the S7 remained steady, but dropped from 3rd to 5th in the overall list of most popular smartphones in Canada.

The LG G5, with 0.97% traffic share, joins the G4 as the only non-Samsung devices in the top ten.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Canada 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 4.91%
Canada 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 3.63%
Canada 3 Samsung Galaxy A5 3.26%
Canada 4 Samsung Galaxy S6 2.06%
Canada 5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo 1.76%
Canada 6 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 1.68%
Canada 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1.38%
Canada 8 LG G5 0.97%
Canada 9 Samsung Galaxy S5 0.90%
Canada 10 LG G4 0.74%



There were some slight losses in traffic share for the Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 in Colombia, while the Motorola Moto G has dropped out of the top ten altogether.

Huawei's P8 Lite lost 0.07% share over Q2, while the Galaxy J2 Prime is the most used Android device in Colombia with 4.64%, up from 3.37% in Q1.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Colombia 1 Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime 4.64%
Colombia 2 Samsung Galaxy J5 3.25%
Colombia 3 Samsung Galaxy J7 2.70%
Colombia 4 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2.64%
Colombia 5 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2.43%
Colombia 6 Samsung Galaxy J1 1.55%
Colombia 7 Huawei P8 Lite 1.52%
Colombia 8 Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos 1.06%
Colombia 9 Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace 1.01%
Colombia 10 Samsung Galaxy J2 1.00%



The previous leader, the Samsung Galaxy J7, has dropped to 7th on the list, losing 2.24% traffic share.

The new leader, the Galaxy Grand Neo, grew from 1.72% to an impressive 3.71% for Q2.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Egypt 1 Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo 3.71%
Egypt 2 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 1.99%
Egypt 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 1.97%
Egypt 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 1.81%
Egypt 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 1.72%
Egypt 6 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1.54%
Egypt 7 Samsung Galaxy J7 1.47%
Egypt 8 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 1.33%
Egypt 9 Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 1.26%
Egypt 10 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 1.33%



The Samsung Galaxy S7 is now France's most used Android device, despite gaining only 0.11% share since Q1. The S8 seems poised to overtake it soon, rising from 2.57% to 3.52% over the same period.

The Huawei P8 Lite had a tough Q2, losing almost half of its 1.3% share. Its fall now places it 29th in the overall list of France's most popular smartphones.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
France 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 3.53%
France 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 3.52%
France 3 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.95%
France 4 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.94%
France 5 Samsung Galaxy J3 1.94%
France 6 Samsung Galaxy S6 1.70%
France 7 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 1.26%
France 8 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 1.22%
France 9 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.15%
France 10 Samsung Galaxy A3 0.95%



Germany's most popular Android device - and the second most popular device overall - is the Samsung Galaxy S7. It actually lost 0.29% share over Q2, in part due to the iPhone 7's increase of 1%.

The Galaxy S6 lost some ground, as did the A5 and A3, while the Galaxy S8 increased from 4.04% to 4.69% traffic share.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Germany 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 6.45%
Germany 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 4.69%
Germany 3 Samsung Galaxy A5 2.90%
Germany 4 Samsung Galaxy S6 2.71%
Germany 5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.51%
Germany 6 Samsung Galaxy S5 2.04%
Germany 7 Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) 1.74%
Germany 8 Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) 1.52%
Germany 9 Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) 1.49%
Germany 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini 1.48%



We've already discussed the feature phone revival in India, and how the iPhone has lost its lead in the country. Android devices have held up quite well in the face of the landscape changes.

The Samsung Galaxy J2 lost some ground, and now sits second with 2.90% traffic share. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is the most used Android device in India, with 3.22% share - up slightly from 2.99% in Q1.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
India 1 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 3.22%
India 2 Samsung Galaxy J2 2.90%
India 3 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2.13%
India 4 Samsung Galaxy J7 1.76%
India 5 Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt 1.68%
India 6 Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) 1.39%
India 7 Xiaomi Redmi 5A 1.37%
India 8 Xiaomi Redmi 4 1.28%
India 9 Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 1.22%
India 10 Samsung Galaxy J7 Max 1.06%



In Ireland, the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains the most popular Android-powered smartphone in 2018.

The Galaxy S8 has only grown in usage by 0.26%, while Google now have three devices in the top ten Android list, where only one - the Nexus 5 - featured in Q1.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Ireland 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 3.97%
Ireland 2 Samsung Galaxy S6 2.68%
Ireland 3 Samsung Galaxy A5 2.55%
Ireland 4 Samsung Galaxy S8 2.18%
Ireland 5 Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos 1.71%
Ireland 6 Google Nexus 5 1.71%
Ireland 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1.45%
Ireland 8 Google Nexus 6p 1.07%
Ireland 9 Google Galaxy Nexus 0.83%
Ireland 20 Samsung Galaxy S5 0.82%



Q1's most popular device was the Huawei P8 Lite, which has been pushed down into sixth spot in Q2, losing over half its total share. Its also been replaced by the P9 Lite on the list of most used smartphones in Italy.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is now Italy's favourite Android device, despite losing share over Q2, which was a positive period for iOS devices in Italy.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Italy 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.30%
Italy 2 Huawei P9 Lite 2.27%
Italy 3 Samsung Galaxy S8 2.26%
Italy 4 Samsung Galaxy S7 2.00%
Italy 5 Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos 1.91%
Italy 6 Huawei P8 Lite 1.81%
Italy 7 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.79%
Italy 8 Samsung Galaxy J5 1.73%
Italy 9 Huawei P8 Lite (2017) 1.67%
Italy 10 Samsung Galaxy S6 1.67%



There's not much Android love in Japan, where the Galaxy S7 Edge (by DoCoMo) is the most used Android device with a mere 0.80% traffic share.

The Sony Xperia Z3 is the most popular non-carrier Android device, with branded S7, S8 and Xperias making up the numbers, all with well under 1% share.

It's iPhone country.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Japan 1 DoCoMo Galaxy S7 Edge 0.80%
Japan 2 DoCoMo Xperia X Compact 0.65%
Japan 3 DoCoMo Xperia XZ 0.57%
Japan 4 Au Galaxy S8 0.55%
Japan 5 DoCoMo Galaxy S8 0.47%
Japan 6 Au Galaxy S7 Edge 0.43%
Japan 7 Sony Xperia Z3 0.43%
Japan 8 DoCoMo Galaxy Feel 0.42%
Japan 9 DoCoMo Xperia XZ Premium 0.41%
Japan 10 Sony Xperia Z5 0.39%



Q2 2018 was a great few months for Android in Malaysia, as we learned in our Android v iOS Market Share 2018 exploration. Android devices now account for 93.39% of all traffic in our data for Malaysia.

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is most popular, with a healthy 7.07% lead over the Oppo A37 in second.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Malaysia 1 Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime 12.67%
Malaysia 2 Oppo A37 (2017) 5.60%
Malaysia 3 Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo 4.59%
Malaysia 4 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 4.40%
Malaysia 5 Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 2.79%
Malaysia 6 Samsung Galaxy J7 Duos 2.70%
Malaysia 7 Vivo 1606 2.63%
Malaysia 8 Samsung Galaxy J3 2.12%
Malaysia 9 Oppo A37 (2016) 2.12%
Malaysia 10 Samsung Galaxy J5 2.06%



Nigeria's most used Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with the S8 closing close behind.

The dual-sim Gionee Marathon M5/Mini made the top ten in Q1, but has dropped to 15th on the Android list for Q2. The only non-Samsung device to make the top ten is the Tecno Spark K7, with 1.24% traffic share.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Nigeria 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.11%
Nigeria 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 1.36%
Nigeria 3 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 1.33%
Nigeria 4 Samsung Galaxy J7 1.32%
Nigeria 5 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 1.32%
Nigeria 6 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 1.30%
Nigeria 7 Tecno Spark K7 1.24%
Nigeria 8 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 1.20%
Nigeria 9 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 1.01%
Nigeria 10 Samsung Galaxy J5 0.96%



Poland has favoured Android-powered devices in the last few years, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 sits atop the pile for Q2 2018, overtaking the Huawei P8 Lite.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Poland 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 2.61%
Poland 2 Huawei P8 Lite 2.56%
Poland 3 Samsung Galaxy J5 2.38%
Poland 4 Huawei P9 Lite 2.21%
Poland 5 Huawei P8 Lite (2017) 2.13%
Poland 6 Samsung Galaxy A5 2.09%
Poland 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1.97%
Poland 8 Samsung Galaxy S7 1.90%
Poland 9 Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) 1.82%
Poland 10 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.66%



Russia's favourite Android phone for Q2 2018 was the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, which increased its share slightly from 1.31% to 1.62%.

While the Xiaomi Redmi 4X keeps its sibling company in the top ten, its all Samsung elsewhere, with the J3, A5 and J1 all close behind the leader.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Russia 1 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 1.62%
Russia 2 Samsung Galaxy J3 1.26%
Russia 3 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.23%
Russia 4 Samsung Galaxy J1 1.20%
Russia 5 Xiaomi Redmi 4X 1.19%
Russia 6 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.12%
Russia 7 Samsung Galaxy J5 1.03%
Russia 8 Samsung Galaxy S8 1.03%
Russia 9 Samsung Galaxy A3 0.94%
Russia 10 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE 0.91%


South Africa

South Africa's favourite Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which, despite losing 0.48% share, finds itself top thanks to other devices also losing popularity in Q2 2018 (Apple/iOS had a good quarter in South Africa).

Last year, the S6 was the most popular, so no surprise to see the S8 there now.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
South Africa 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 3.15%
South Africa 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 2.96%
South Africa 3 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 2.92%
South Africa 4 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.80%
South Africa 5 Samsung Galaxy J5 2.18%
South Africa 6 Samsung Galaxy S6 1.77%
South Africa 7 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 1.54%
South Africa 8 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 1.47%
South Africa 9 Samsung Galaxy S II 1.44%
South Africa 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 1.36%



The most popular Android phone in Spain for Q2 2018 was the Samsung Galaxy S7, with the J5 and J7 not too far behind.

Huawei's P8 Lite is the only non-Samsung device in the top ten.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Spain 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 2.32%
Spain 2 Samsung Galaxy J5 2.28%
Spain 3 Samsung Galaxy J7 2.19%
Spain 4 Samsung Galaxy S6 1.98%
Spain 5 Huawei P8 Lite 1.97%
Spain 6 Huawei P8 Lite (2017) 1.94%
Spain 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1.93%
Spain 8 Samsung Galaxy S8 1.79%
Spain 9 Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) 1.57%
Spain 10 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.51%



While Sweden has favoured iOS over Android for many years, Q2 saw a slight swing back in favour of the latter.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the most used Android device in 2018, with the S8 in second despite losing 0.56% share over Q2.

The Samsung clean-sweep is averted by Huawei, with the Honor 8 and P10 on 0.96% and 0.63% traffic share respectively.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
Sweden 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 4.22%
Sweden 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 3.53%
Sweden 3 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2.98%
Sweden 4 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 1.90%
Sweden 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 1.71%
Sweden 6 Samsung Galaxy S5 1.37%
Sweden 7 Huawei Honor 8 0.96%
Sweden 8 Samsung Galaxy A5 0.93%
Sweden 9 Samsung Galaxy A3 0.67%
Sweden 10 Huawei P10 0.63%


United Kingdom

One of the more predictable landscapes in our study, the UK's top 20 most popular smartphones are Apple and Samsung devices. This was the case in 2017, as it is now.

The most popular Android device in Q2 2018 was the Samsung Galaxy S8 with 4.53% traffic share, followed closely by the S7 (which it replaced as favourite) and the S7 Edge.

The S6 is still hanging in there with 2.43% of overall web traffic share having lost 0.56% over the period.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
United Kingdom 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 4.53%
United Kingdom 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 4.31%
United Kingdom 3 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 3.54%
United Kingdom 4 Samsung Galaxy S6 2.43%
United Kingdom 5 Samsung Galaxy A5 1.59%
United Kingdom 6 Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos 1.52%
United Kingdom 7 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 1.45%
United Kingdom 8 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 1.00%
United Kingdom 9 Samsung Galaxy A3 0.92%
United Kingdom 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 0.88%


United States

Only one non-iOS device makes it into the top ten on the overall list of most popular smartphones in the US. With 2.96% of traffic share for Q2 (down 0.17% from Q1), the Samsung Galaxy S8 is ahead the S8 Plus and Note 8.

The Galaxy S9 has also gained a foothold and should slowly move up the list as Android users upgrade their devices throughout the year.

Country 2018 Rank Phone model Traffic Share
United States 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 2.96%
United States 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 2.33%
United States 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 1.89%
United States 4 Verizon Galaxy S7 1.42%
United States 5 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 0.82%
United States 6 Samsung Galaxy S9 0.73%
United States 7 AT&T Galaxy S7 0.68%
United States 8 Sprint Galaxy S7 0.58%
United States 9 Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge 0.57%
United States 10 Verizon Galaxy S6 0.50%

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