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programmatic advertising

Device Detection

How to improve app monetization (improved ad targeting)

Let's take a brief look at the advertising ecosystem and how it interacts with devices, and how app ...

James Kielty - 19 Aug 2019
5 min read
Device Detection

No ‘below the fold’ in OTT advertising - if you know the device

With more than 70% of American households now watching internet-delivered content on their TV, OTT a...

Martin Clancy - 24 Apr 2018
3 min read
Device Detection

The role of device detection in Video Advertising

For video advertising technology players, getting it right on mobile requires an accurate knowledge ...

Martin Clancy - 25 Oct 2017
5 min read

Why programmatic advertising needs device intelligence

One of the most persistent and important challenges facing the mobile advertising industry is how to...

Stephen Clarke - 16 Aug 2017
1 min read
Device Landscape

5 Ideas to Boost Your Ad Platform with Device Detection

The growth of mobile traffic is exciting news for all businesses, but with device fragmentation and ...

Pawel Piejko - 16 Mar 2017
3 min read
Mobile Statistics

Most common device detection use cases for Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

Programmatic advertising is a great way for advertisers to buy ad inventory without the hassle of de...

Pawel Piejko - 13 Jan 2017
4 min read
Device Detection

What is a demand-side platform (DSP) and real-time bidding (RTB)?

Those days when advertisers would buy huge blocks of untargeted mobile advertising with little idea ...

Pawel Piejko - 03 Jan 2014
12 min read