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Why programmatic advertising needs device intelligence

One of the most persistent and important challenges facing the mobile advertising industry is how to manage increasing device fragmentation. There are now over 1,000 device manufacturers producing phones and tablets and with multiple screen sizes, browsers, video players, chipsets, RAM capabilities and so on. This makes it even more important to serve content that is adequately targeted to each device's capabilities. For example, there are hundreds of different screen resolutions and diagonal screen sizes, from a 4-inch phone (iPhone SE), to a massive 5.7-inch phablet (Samsung Galaxy Note).

Our latest report on ‘Why Programmatic Advertising Needs Device Intelligence’ reveals the implications device fragmentation has for players in the programmatic advertising space, where speed and performance are key drivers, and how they can effectively harness fragmentation to benefit their platforms and create value for their customers.

A solution for detecting all devices is necessary for every piece of the ad tech puzzle, including DSPs (advertisers and ad agencies), ad exchange platforms (marketplaces), and SSPs (publishers). The goal is to ensure that all creative material works on all devices, with accurate targeting, reporting and measurement.

Our report will give you a better understanding of:

  • How device detection fits in the programmatic advertising industry
  • What are typical use cases for device data in the DSP and SSP environment
  • What makes a device detection solution a good fit for an ad tech platform
  • What typical issues in the ad tech sector can be solved with device data

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