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device fragmentation

Device Landscape

How device fragmentation is impacting eCommerce

eCommerce has long been considered one of the fastest growing industries of our time, reaching sales...

Isabel Hughes - 16 Aug 2022
4 min read
Device Landscape

The Importance of Device Graphs in Streaming Services

Device fragmentation makes user behavior unpredictable. Globally, the average person has 3 connected...

Isabel Hughes - 15 Aug 2022
3 min read
Device Detection

Level Up! Device Identification and the ROI Opportunity for Gaming Companies

Fifty years following the release of the Magnavox Odyssey, the world’s first gaming console, the glo...

Isabel Hughes - 25 May 2022
7 min read
Device Detection

Solving the CTV User-Agent Problem

Get the formalized distinction between OTT and CTV, along with key trends, challenges, solutions & o...

James Farrelly - 15 Jan 2021
11 min read
Device Detection

iPhone fragmentation - why detecting the iPhone model is essential

With the release of the latest iPhones, we see a shift from relatively standardised device specifica...

James Kielty - 15 Nov 2018
5 min read

Adding Device Intelligence to your Platform - Whitepaper

If you work on a product or technical team for any technology platform, you'll know that the constan...

Martin Clancy - 04 Oct 2017
3 min read

Why programmatic advertising needs device intelligence

One of the most persistent and important challenges facing the mobile advertising industry is how to...

Stephen Clarke - 16 Aug 2017
1 min read
Device Landscape

Device fragmentation still an issue

Mobile device fragmentation is a big headache for companies who don’t optimize their web presence to...

Pawel Piejko - 15 Mar 2017
5 min read
Device Detection

Mapping the full customer journey with device detection

A more sophisticated approach is needed from businesses when it comes to mapping out the modern cust...

Stephen Clarke - 25 Jan 2017
4 min read
Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Traffic: Analysis

As the proportion of traffic from mobile devices continues to ramp, savvy marketers and web strategi...

Martin Clancy - 25 Sep 2014
4 min read
Device Landscape

Why increasing device fragmentation is having a positive impact on mobile ad targeting

Cellphones, smartphones, phablets, tablets, e-readers, PCs, notebooks, games consoles, smartwatches,...

Pawel Piejko - 20 Jun 2014
3 min read