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Latest articles by Pawel Piejko

Device Landscape

Large-screen iPhones see Apple's Q1 2015 revenue skyrocket

Apple sold a record-breaking 74.5 million iPhones during Q1 2015, according to its recently publishe...

Pawel Piejko - 28 Jan 2015
3 min read
News & Events

Meet DeviceAtlas at Mobile World Congress 2015


Pawel Piejko - 26 Jan 2015
0 min read
Device Landscape

Samsung launches a Tizen-based smartphone in India

Samsung has launched the first Tizen-based smartphone dubbed Z1. The new arrival is a budget unit av...

Pawel Piejko - 19 Jan 2015
2 min read
Mobile Web Design

6 mobile web trends to watch for in 2015 from DeviceAtlas’s experts

The world of mobile devices spurs innovation every year, sometimes dramatically changing the entire ...

Pawel Piejko - 16 Jan 2015
5 min read
Device Landscape

Large-screen phones dominate the Chinese market

While news websites regularly provide us with interesting mobile statistics, mere observation can al...

Pawel Piejko - 07 Jan 2015
2 min read

Download our free Content Adaptation Survival Guide

Addressing mobile audiences is a part of most online strategies today, but there are businesses who ...

Pawel Piejko - 22 Dec 2014
1 min read
Device Detection

Targeting Wearable Devices

Device fragmentation can be considered as both an opportunity and a challenge for mobile marketers a...

Pawel Piejko - 08 Dec 2014
3 min read
Mobile Statistics

US Mobile Users Download 2GB per Month on Average


Pawel Piejko - 19 Nov 2014
3 min read
Mobile Statistics

Mobile web traffic: a dive into the data

We all know that web site traffic from mobile devices is increasing rapidly. But what does it actual...

Pawel Piejko - 24 Sep 2014
8 min read
Device Landscape

Why increasing device fragmentation is having a positive impact on mobile ad targeting

Cellphones, smartphones, phablets, tablets, e-readers, PCs, notebooks, games consoles, smartwatches,...

Pawel Piejko - 20 Jun 2014
3 min read
Device Detection

What is a demand-side platform (DSP) and real-time bidding (RTB)?

Those days when advertisers would buy huge blocks of untargeted mobile advertising with little idea ...

Pawel Piejko - 03 Jan 2014
12 min read