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iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS still actively used, new report reveals

Most of us would agree that iPhones generally have a higher resale value than most Android phones, but did you know that some old iPhones are still actively used in many countries? This is what the latest DeviceAtlas report reveals along with many other fascinating stats on the mobile world based on web traffic in Q4 2016.

Old iPhones still in use, 4-inch and 4.7-inch most popular

One of the main themes covered in the latest DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Intelligence report is the usage of different iPhone models and iOS in general. Analyzing the share of web traffic, we learned that:

  • iPhone 4 and 4S are actively used in many countries, including Russia (3.7%), France (2.7%), and Japan (2.5%)
  • iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS still generate some web traffic with the highest share in Sweden (1%)
  • There are 14 countries where iOS is the most used in terms of website visits including Denmark, Japan, and Australia
  • 4.7-inch is the most popular iPhone screen size
  • 4-inch iPhones are the most used in Russia, while in Canada and France they're almost as popular as the 4.7-inch version

Here’s an interesting chart comparing Android and iOS across selected local markets.

Samsung's share after the Note 7's crisis

In the Q4 2016 edition we took a closer look at Samsung to check if the brand was affected by the Note 7's crisis. We learned that Samsung's share grew while Apple's share slightly dropped in Q4 2016. Also, Samsung devices lead in terms of the most popular Android smartphones in most countries.

Here are the stats for Samsung based on website visits in selected countries in Q4 2016.

Device fragmentation

The new report also focuses on device fragmentation giving you a short breakdown of the number of unique device types that generated website hits in selected countries in Q4 2016. For example, in Q4 2016, in the USA alone, there were 243 unique mobile device manufacturers whose devices were used for web browsing. The number of unique phone models used for web browsing was 2,021.

The following table shows the level of device fragmentation based on website visits in selected local markets.

Country Device characteristics Device types in use (Q4 2016)
USA Device manufacturers 243
USA Phone models 2,021
USA Diagonal screen sizes 79
USA Operating systems 23
Germany Device manufacturers 154
Germany Phone models 1,185
Germany Diagonal screen sizes 92
Germany Operating systems 14
Brazil Device manufacturers 68
Brazil Phone models 540
Brazil Diagonal screen sizes 64
Brazil Operating systems 8
Nigeria Device manufacturers 115
Nigeria Phone models 818
Nigeria Diagonal screen sizes 79
Nigeria Operating systems 12
India Device manufacturers 167
India Phone models 1,630
India Diagonal screen sizes 113
India Operating systems 18

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