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bot detection

Device Detection

The most active crawlers and bots on the web

Allowing web crawlers to scan your site is vital if you want your web pages to appear in Google, Bin...

Tomas Trnka - 02 Mar 2023
12 min read
Device Detection

5 Cart Abandonment Questions about User Devices that are Never Asked

The average cart abandonment rate in 2021 was 65% - that’s 65 out of 100 customers not checking out....

Isabel Hughes - 04 Nov 2022
9 min read
Device Detection

Dark Traffic and Misrepresentation - Analysing the Web Analysers (Part 2)

In part 1 of our Web Analytics Comparison: Analysing the Web Analysers post, we presented research f...

Isabel Hughes - 19 May 2022
6 min read
Device Landscape

Analysing the analytics providers

While nearly all the following analytics solutions work by adding tracking code to each of your page...

Regina De Burca - 14 Dec 2021
6 min read
Device Detection

Bot Analytics Series Part 2: The Importance of Monitoring Bot Traffic

Analysing your bot traffic can help you understand how your site is being used (for example by previ...

Regina De Burca - 26 Aug 2021
3 min read
Device Detection

Introduction to Bot Traffic — Part One of our Bot Analytics Series

As much as 40% of internet traffic is from non-human sources. This traffic ranges from legitimate bo...

Regina De Burca - 27 Jul 2021
8 min read
Device Detection

Advertising Fraud Meaning, Prevention and Detection

Ad fraud costs advertisers billions of dollars every year. Get key details including common types of...

James Farrelly - 01 Sep 2020
4 min read
Device Detection

Limiting Ad Fraud with Device Detection

For anyone involved in the online advertising space, ad fraud is a concern. Learn how DeviceAtlas he...

James Kielty - 21 Mar 2018
3 min read