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The danger of counterfeit devices on public WiFi networks

Public WiFi is an ubiquitous addition to consumer connection options today and is prevalent in coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls and airports, providing a vital link to the Internet for people on the move (quite literally if we consider how many public buses and trains provide WiFi services to passengers). Unfortunately, convenience requires some sacrifices and where public WiFi networks are concerned and the risks one takes when connecting to these hotspots remain unseen to the vast majority of us.

Non-authentic devices and enterprise security – a ticking time bomb

Counterfeit devices pose a significant threat to enterprise networks and that trend is only increasing. These devices are becoming more sophisticated, difficult to spot, and easy to obtain. A counterfeit phone is almost indistinguishable from its authentic counterpart. They are also easy to buy and may even be sold on seemingly trusted eCommerce websites and delivered by reputable shipping companies. Most worryingly, they are also becoming more dangerous and resulting in more damage.


DeviceAssure at the 2019 New York Cyber Security Summit

DeviceAssure was joined by industry leaders, security experts and government reps at the 2019 Cyber Security Summit in New York.


Counterfeit smartphones and the threats they pose

Counterfeit and non-standard devices pose a real threat for business, consumers and regulators. Find out how you can manage this risk.