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Case Studies

SmartAd Server

Case Studies

SmartAd Server

"Smart AdServer’s targeting and reporting capabilities rely on DeviceAtlas to identify what devices are requesting ads. This also ensures that all ads served are optimized for the requesting device and enables us to give deep reporting and statistics on mobile to our clients."
Nicolas De Robert, CTO, Smart AdServer


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Company:Smart AdServer
Headquartes:Paris, France
Industry:Marketing and Advertising
Specialties:Mobile ad serving, real time bidding, supply side platform

Executive Summary

Smart AdServer’s premium ad serving solution allows media and publisher customers to effectively manage their display advertising campaigns across web, mobile and tablet platforms. With offices across Europe and the Americas, Smart AdServer counts over 300 clients across 4 continents including more than 80 ad agencies. With tens of billions of ad impressions served through their platforms per month, Smart AdServer are at the cutting edge of digital ad serving solutions.

The Challenge

Smart AdServer has been an innovator at the forefront of digital ad serving since its inception in 2001. They were quick to realize the power of mobile, and offer a mobile channel to customers to maximize efficiency of display advertising campaigns. It was essential to Smart AdServer that their clients can be confident that their mobile advertising campaigns can be correctly targeted by device. It is also critical that all ad creative is rendered optimally no matter what the device, without any latency to the end user. To do this Smart AdServer needed a fast, highly accurate device detection solution. And with billions of ad impressions being served per month, speed and scalability of device detections are extremely important factors.

The mobile device landscape is complex and fragmented with thousands of different devices in use throughout the world. These devices all possess their own particular functions, capabilities and attributes, with no two devices being the same. Ensuring that mobile advertisements are delivered to target devices in a flawless manner, Smart AdServer needed a device detection partner who had the necessary knowledge and experience in mobile to provide a comprehensive device database and highly accurate detection.

The mobile device manufacturing industry is a fast paced ever changing marketplace with new devices emerging every day. Smart AdServer understood that they required a partner with solid industry partnerships with device manufacturers, operators and others, who invests constantly in the product to maintain a fresh database of mobile device characteristics on a global scale.

The DeviceAtlas Solution

Smart AdServer chose DeviceAlas to ensure that their client’s have the backing of the most comprehensive and accurate device detection platform on the market. Only a locally installed solution with the speed and scaleability of DeviceAtlas could support the volume of ad requests being served by Smart AdServer on behalf of its clients.

DeviceAtlas’ high speed APIs are capable of making over a million detections per second for each server deployed. And because DeviceAtlas has a small server footprint, infrastructure costs are kept low. Smart AdServer can rely on DeviceAtlas’ data accuracy with data sourced from multiple industry partners, and over 7,500 unique devices supported. DeviceAtlas’ high speed APIs determine exactly what device is requesting an ad so that the correct ad format can be served to the device in real time without compromising the end user experience. DeviceAtlas‘ comprehensive database of connected devices also allows Smart AdServer to provide detailed reporting and analytics to their clients.


Smart AdServer was able to implement DeviceAtlas in a matter of hours. After implementation devices accessing advertisements via Smart AdServer are sent a suitable ad format after a lightning fast detection occurs. The ad is served effectively in real time (<50ms) with no latency to the end user. Smart AdServer can offer targeting by device type, manufacturer, model, and OS.

DeviceAtlas provide Smart AdServer with daily automated updates ensuring that they always have the most up-to-date device information. And the reassurance of 24/7 support is always available.

DeviceAtlas allows Smart AdServer to further innovate and build their online ad serving presence with a solid infrastructure to support and implement mobile advertising display campaigns.