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Latest articles by Ihughes

Mobile Web Design

Analyzing Responsive vs Adaptive Website Design in eCommerce

We recently wrote about the impact that device capabilities have on cart abandonment and how it is r...

Isabel Hughes - 01 Feb 2023
5 min read
Device Security

Why Device Login Emails and 2FA Needs to Improve in 2023

The purpose of device login emails is to provide reassurance for users and protection against securi...

Isabel Hughes - 19 Jan 2023
2 min read
Device Detection

5 Cart Abandonment Questions about User Devices that are Never Asked

The average cart abandonment rate in 2021 was 65% - that’s 65 out of 100 customers not checking out....

Isabel Hughes - 04 Nov 2022
9 min read
News & Events

European Patent Organisation upholds DeviceAtlas Patent

DeviceAtlas is pleased to inform customers that the European Patent Organisation (EPO) has upheld ou...

Isabel Hughes - 06 Oct 2022
1 min read
Client Hints

The Commercial Impact of Client Hints on Open-Source Parsers

We've all read Google's timeline for UA-CH and when changes are going to start coming into effect. B...

Isabel Hughes - 26 Sep 2022
7 min read
Device Security

The danger of counterfeit devices on public WiFi networks

Public WiFi is an ubiquitous addition to consumer connection options today and is prevalent in coffe...

Isabel Hughes - 28 Aug 2022
3 min read
Device Landscape

4 Important Device Capabilities for Phone Gaming

Now, more than ever, users have access to multiple devices on which to play games, most notably via ...

Isabel Hughes - 24 Aug 2022
5 min read
Device Landscape

How device fragmentation is impacting eCommerce

eCommerce has long been considered one of the fastest growing industries of our time, reaching sales...

Isabel Hughes - 16 Aug 2022
4 min read
Device Landscape

The Importance of Device Graphs in Streaming Services

Device fragmentation makes user behavior unpredictable. Globally, the average person has 3 connected...

Isabel Hughes - 15 Aug 2022
3 min read
Device Detection

Categorising IoT devices - endpoints, enablers and controllers

With the rate of growth in diversity of the IoT and connected devices, operators need deeper insight...

Isabel Hughes - 20 Jul 2022
3 min read
Device Landscape

iPhone Trends Over 15 Years

What has turned into a decade and a half of commercial glory for Apple started off slower than expec...

Isabel Hughes - 04 Jul 2022
5 min read
Device Detection

Leveraging Device Intelligence to Reduce Churn in Streaming Services

Device intelligence offers a number of lucrative opportunities for streaming service providers: busi...

Isabel Hughes - 22 Jun 2022
4 min read