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device landscape

Device Detection

Device Hardware Classification: Reliable As Ever In 2023

In 2021, we launched our primary hardware classification property. Two years later, it's considered ...

Isabel Hughes - 01 Aug 2023
5 min read
Client Hints

The Commercial Impact of Client Hints on Open-Source Parsers

We've all read Google's timeline for UA-CH and when changes are going to start coming into effect. B...

Isabel Hughes - 26 Sep 2022
7 min read
Device Landscape

How device fragmentation is impacting eCommerce

eCommerce has long been considered one of the fastest growing industries of our time, reaching sales...

Isabel Hughes - 16 Aug 2022
4 min read
Device Landscape

The most popular iPhone models in 2020

What iPhone is most popular worldwide? See the overall traffic market share for 18 different iPhones...

James Farrelly - 03 Dec 2020
17 min read
Device Landscape

How regularly do people upgrade their smartphones?

While most popular smartphones get an upgrade each year, not all users feel the need or benefit to u...

James Kielty - 16 Jul 2019
5 min read
Device Landscape

Can you block Huawei devices from accessing your website or app?

Although given a 90 day stay of execution, Huawei will no longer be able to include popular Google s...

James Kielty - 27 May 2019
3 min read
Device Landscape

Under pressure in the UK, how popular are Huawei smartphones?

Huawei are in the news again. This time, it's the UK who've announced they'll let the Chinese manufa...

James Kielty - 30 Apr 2019
5 min read
Device Landscape

UC Browser exposes 500+ million users - where is it most popular?

UC Browser has exposed over 500 million of its users to MiTM attacks. Just how popular is UC and it...

James Kielty - 29 Mar 2019
2 min read
Device Landscape

Facts and statistics - the UK mobile landscape

eMarketer predict that in 2019, adults in the UK will spend over two hours each day on their smartph...

James Kielty - 19 Feb 2019
5 min read
Device Landscape

Wonder Woman helps Android kick iOS off top spot in Sweden

Huawei had a tough 2018, in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. However, some slick marketing c...

James Kielty - 11 Feb 2019
5 min read
Device Landscape

The smartphone upgrade cycle - visualized

We tracked usage of the most popular devices from Apple and Samsung across the four quarters of 2018...

James Kielty - 23 Jan 2019
16 min read
Device Landscape

The truth about ‘peak smartphone’

With many recent reports suggesting that we have reached ‘peak smartphone’, we thought it would be u...

Martin Clancy - 12 Oct 2018
5 min read
Mobile Statistics

Chinese smartphones in the USA

Just how popular are Chinese smartphones in the USA in 2018, and did the recent trade restrictions i...

James Kielty - 23 Aug 2018
6 min read
Device Landscape

The evolving mobile landscape in India

The mobile market in India has changed a huge amount over the last year, but what's driving it? Whi...

James Kielty - 04 Jul 2018
6 min read
Device Landscape

5 facts about the mobile landscape in Argentina

We dig into our data to unearth facts and statistics about the 2018 mobile landscape in Argentina. ...

James Kielty - 02 Jul 2018
5 min read
Device Landscape

5 facts about the mobile market in Germany

With 69 million smartphone users in the country, Germany's mobile landscape is an important feature ...

James Kielty - 21 Jun 2018
4 min read
Device Landscape

5 facts about the mobile market in Australia

With smartphone penetration of over 83%, the Australian market is a strong indicator of global mobil...

James Kielty - 17 Jun 2018
4 min read

Latest report shows feature phone use still widespread

Our latest report explores statistics for smartphone usage around the globe. Data showed that 13% of...

James Kielty - 01 May 2018
3 min read